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Please help me ;~;
My wardrobe has no room, and then I bought new clothes and they have no closet space.

★ Shipping from Singapore
☆ Currency: USD.
★ Respond within 48 hours even if you don't want to buy. If you leave your paypal address, pay my invoices within 48 hours or I will leave a negative (unless you said in advance that you will pay late). I have the final decision on who to transact with.
☆ I cannot accept gift payments. Paypal fees are not included
★ Feedback: EGL, Personal; Here is my wishlist and here are items I will always refuse (anti-wishlist)

☆ The shipping fee I quote you will be an estimate. Unless the difference is more/less than $5 I will not refund you or ask you for more money. Because I don't like handling numbers. Counting down to the exact cent is a chore. If you are very particular about this, don't buy from me X_X

SHIPPING: I will quote you SingPost Airmail, it includes:
   [x] Estimated cost of airmail to all countries in North America, South America, Europe and Australia.
   [x] Tracking number
   [x] Insurance up to Singapore Dollars $68.00 (add $1 for every extra SGD$100. Minimum $2)
   [x] Packaging material costs - I send items in a padded mailer, or bubble wrap+paper/plastic mailer
   [x] Takes 2-5 weeks to arrive (record time of 3 days to USA but only happened once)

Item No. 1 Baby, the stars shine bright
Damaged Alice's Marchin Cookie Flavour Skirt in Red. $40
Lolibrary link

My measurements
Length including waistband 52.5cm
Waist unstretched 30cm flat
Can stretch to 37cm or so maybe.

If you are uncomfortable with the condition of the skirt please do not buy it. Thank you.

Item No. 2 Innocent World
Tulle Lace Tripple Ribbons JSK in Raspberry Red. $50
International shipping: $18
Hellolace link

Left picture: piling near the collar about 5mm in size. The dress has mild piling overall but this particular blob is especially large
Right picture: 2-3mm stain on the collar, could be cosmetics or food IDK D:

Click here for very derp worn / proof photo

My measurements, taken flat:
Bust unstretched – 48cm
Bust stretched – 51cm
Waist unstretched – 37cm
Waist stretched – 45cm
Length – approx 100cm

Proof photo isn’t exemplary of a perfect co-ord, please don’t mind the sloppy and derpy mortal trying to look like a kawaii cookie.

Item No. 3 Bodyline
Blouse l474 in White $30
Original product page


Worn once. No known flaws. Not recommended for summer.
Shoulders 40cm
Pit to pit 50cm flat
Waist 43cm flat
Sleeve length 55cm
Length (front) 51cm
Length (back) 81cm

Item No. 4 Dollscrops (now defunct taobao shop)
Deflated pannier / petticoat $10
Shipping: $10

Item No. 5 Chess Story
Hair acessory $10
Shipping: $7

Item No. 6 Axes Femme
Mook bag $5
Shipping: $7

Item No. 7 Offbrand / no brand
Ankle lace topped socks for summer!
$4.50 per pair / $12 for 3 pairs
Shipping: $9 no matter how many pairs you buy

2nd-Nov-2013 02:05 pm - +WISHLIST+ TRADE POLICY +

My wishlist is here ~ last updated 2nd november 2013

Trade Policy
I do trades a bit differently from others. If you are uncomfortable with this, we can always stick to direct sales/direct buy :)
I think the 3~4% paypal fee is worth the added insurance :)
I require the trader to pay me the value of my dress in full amount, as a purchase payment, via paypal.
I will do the same for the trader's dress, and I will send her the value of her dress, in full amount, as a purchase payment.
If you are trading because you don't have cash right now, I'm sorry but I don't want to change my personal trade terms.
There are many cases of lolitas being cheated through trades, sometimes those with bad trading practices have hundreds of good feedback too, so I will not make an exception for anyone. This way, I can protect myself, and so can you.

I offer a Chocolate JSK. Let's give it a price of $90. This is the amount of money that Sally wants to have back, if I cheated her and the dress was damaged/smelly/disappeared
Sally offers a Rosy Print OP. Let's give it a price of $95. This is the amount of money I want back if Sally didn't fulfill her end of the deal.
Sally sends me $90 on paypal, as a purchase payment. She mails out the Rosy Print OP.
I send Sally $95 on paypal, as a purchase payment. I mail out the Chocolate JSK.

**scenario A**

I receive the Rosy Print OP. There is a huge tear on the sleeve of the OP! I message Sally with pictures. I can open a dispute through paypal and we can discuss about a partial refund.

**scenario B**

I'm an evil cheater and I send Sally a parcel stuffed with newspapers. Sally does not receive my Chocolate JSK. I insist on keeping her Rosy Print OP because I don't want to return it to her. Sally can open a dispute through paypal and get her money back, even though I was a jerk.

Still uncomfortable with this arrangement? Let's stick to the conventional direct purchase ^^
27th-Apr-2013 05:50 pm - test
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